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cwp-latest fix for file deletion
« on: November 04, 2014, 10:31:14 PM »
Line 286 in cwp-latest script file:
Code: [Select]
rm -f
should be
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rm -f

There is a file also available but it does not have the jcterm.jar and other jar files.
jcterm bundled in is v0.0.10 whereas v0.0.11 was out a couple of years ago! checks for "php -v" even when php is not installed as yet....

apr_util v1.5.3 is used. apr_util v1.5.4 works okay.

phpMyAdmin v4.0.8 is used. phpMyAdmin v4.0.10.5 (LTS till Jan 2017) works and so does v4.1.14.6 but the v4.2.x series does not work as it expects MySQL v5.5 where mysqli is no longer used.

RoundCube v0.8.5 is used. v0.9.5 works fine on it. Why can the root user's mail not be accessible in RoundCube?

We need atleast 1 domain to add a user. We need atleast 1 user to assign a domain. Chcken and egg? Which is optional?

If a service is running, why provide the start button (better grey it out). Same for when it is stopped.

Why are the's php file obfuscated? It really slows things a lot when regular files like phpinfo.php have to be used frequently. Just encrypt the files that have the salt and other rkey type stuff. This also makes debugging difficult.
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