Author Topic: Issue when creating an user account with domain.  (Read 564 times)

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Issue when creating an user account with domain.
« on: December 20, 2017, 08:02:12 AM »
Maybe I am doing something wrong, still learning CentOS Web Panel, so don't be harsh.

  • First I did a clean install of CentOS Web Panel (CentOS 7.4)
  • I setup DNS and installed several PHP versions
  • After that I created an user account with a domain

The account and the domain already resolves on the server. However when I login with a different browser to the user control panel and I select the Wordpress (under Addons), I cannot select a domain to install Wordpress on.

Also if I click on Domains (in the user control panel) nothing is listed there. Also not the domain for which the account was created? Furthermore; I cannot add the domain I used for the account, as it says it already exists.

So the account is completely useless in it's current state. The domain is being used by the system, however it's apparently not seen by the system?

On a sidenote; I can add an emailaddress to the domain. So the system does see the domain?

Re: Issue when creating an user account with domain.
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2017, 08:28:28 AM »
It seems to me more things are bugged.

I cannot use the PHP Switcher to switch to PHP 7.1.9
If select that version I get the following error: configure: error: PDO_MYSQL configure failed, MySQL 4.1 needed. Please check config.log for more information.

For PHP Selector I can edit the flag easily, but not for PHP Switcher.

After all the experiences I have so far and hardly any support here, I doubt CentOS Web Panel is something to consider seriously. Ofcourse it has great potential, however not in it's current state. Hopefully these issues will be resolved soon and tweaked. So it can be a great product.

I was considering to get a Pro license, however I will wait first till it's bug free and investigate other (free) alternatives for the time being...