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Independent DNS setup & secure
« on: August 12, 2016, 11:08:11 AM »
Hi pro's!
We are team of programmers, that works on some product, but we have little experience with DNS, so here is our question to forum:

We have 3 public IP's.

~ On the first one we have firewall, that filters all incoming packets to our DMZ\LAN.
~ In the DMZ we have installed the Centos WebPanel, and we have NAT forwarding from public ip to our lan for the panel,(2030), DNS (53) and SSH.

So, what we want to achieve, is to have our OWN name servers and public DNS. E.g. we want to have like in the hosting company. But we don't understand how the two public IP's need to be 'connected' to the Panel (or firewall?) ::)
All we successeded untill now is that we have our public IP with nat pointing to the Apache of the web-panel. But we want to add multiplie domains, subdomains and manage them inside the Centos WebPanel. So how we can build completely our NS1, NS2 and DNS that works with that. We have plenty of public-world IPs and machines. Please guide.