Author Topic: WEBSITES WITH AND WONT WORK  (Read 1683 times)

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Some time ago some were complaining that the site dose not open up. So yes, thats now a fact. All sites that are hosted
do not work. Sites who are on cloudflare work fine.

Reinstalled bind, did not work. Some time ago had similar problems. Any advice, help?

@Sandeep, maybe you can help me on this once again?

NS1: | IP: [Change]
NS2: | IP: [Change]
Server IP: ***.***.***.*** | *******.**
Shared IP: ***.***.***.*** [Change]
Hostname: *******.** [Change]
Your IP: ***.***.***.***
CWPpro version:

Mostly I get:
Nameserver has an IP address ( without PTR configured.   
All nameservers in the delegation have IPv4 addresses in the same AS (16276).
All nameservers in the delegation are in the same AS (16276).

Parent has nameserver(s) not listed at the child (;;   

Found the reason why that was happening, my works IP was blacklisted in Firewall, remove it and restart did help.  ::)