Author Topic: How to add sub-domain manually without using module add subdomain?  (Read 737 times)

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When we finished add sub-domain throught menu Domain/Add Sub Domain successfully, I saw that there are 4 changes on the server:

1. Apache vHosts file (at /usr/local/apache/conf.d/vhosts.conf).
There are some lines added to configure for recent sub-domain. These line are append automatically from vHosts Template file.

2. DNS zone file of main domain.
Our DNS zone file of main domain is appended with one line. Ex: subdomain1 1800 IN A x.x.x.x ; #subdomain subdomain1

3. Database of CWP
One record is inserted into table subdomains of database root_cwp

4. One folder is created in our server
There is one directory is created with path that we provide in add sub domain form

But now, I want to add sub-domain manually without using module add subdomain of CWP. I do this job with 4 step similar to 4 things I noticed above:

1. Add nessary lines to Apache vHosts file
2. Add one record A to main domain zone file
3. Add one record to table subdomains in database
4. Create one directory with conformed path in Apache vHost file

But I can't access my sub-domain. When I access sub-domain through web browser, I noticed that DNS not found for this sub-domain. What is problem with my job?

Is there anybody can help me?
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