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Add additional IP addresses to CWP 7
« on: February 20, 2017, 05:07:43 AM »
For CWP 7 adding additional IP addresses using method in WIKI will give you a headache!

Try this, it worked for me.

Depending on the amount of IPs you’re configuring, it may be easier to just add them manually. Adding a small number of IPs can be completed by adding them to your main network interface configuration file. Let’s cover the permanent method by updating our network interface configuration using the following command (replacing enp3s0 if different with your interface name):

[root@localhost ]# vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-enp3s0

Assuming that you already have at least one IP address configured (eg: from for example your range as IPADDR=, you can append the following lines to your configuration file to enable additional usable IP addresses from your /29 CIDR:


Restart the network for the changes to take effect:

[root@localhost]# systemctl restart network

Lastly, check that they’re working as expected:

[root@localhost ]# ping -c 4

[root@localhost ]# ping -c 4

[root@localhost ]# ping -c 4

[root@localhost ]# ping -c 4

Make sure to substitute the relevant CIDR for your requirements ie 24 for 253 IPs etc in PREFIXes .

Restart apache ( I did - may not be necessary )

Additional IP address will then be visible in admin panel for new user setup.

Hope this helps somebody....
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