Author Topic: Dashboard monitor showing both apache and nginx. Can i Shut down apache  (Read 664 times)

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Hi guys,
in my dashboard monitor, i notice that it shows:


apache webserver = active (httpd.service web server apache "loaded" and "running")
niginx reverse proxy = active

In webserver settings, i have chosen only to run nginx as the webserver by itself.

Can i shut down and disable apache here? Or is this actually running nginx as the webserver but displaying it in dashboard monitor list as "apache"? If it is showing this way, why is nginx also showing up as a reverse proxy when i did not select that option under web server settings?

I am also running cgroups. Is this why apache has started up even though its not selected as a webserver?


I am compiling php72-fpm from the selector in the background.

It is using 100% of my available cpu for the root user.
Is there a way that i can prevent these kinds of tasks from using all available CPU? (or do i not have to worry about this as centos will automatically ensure that webserver processes and websites still function ok?)

1. you can stop apache but you shouldn't remove it as it's still default webserver and nginx is saving logs into apache log locations
2. php build is using more cpu resources only on the make part of the php build to build a php version faster this shouldn't be an issue for other services as they will share resources
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thanks for that.