Author Topic: Cannot add domain - It states that it exists!  (Read 157 times)

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Cannot add domain - It states that it exists!
« on: April 27, 2018, 01:30:43 PM »
Hi, I try to add a my domain on a fresh installation, I followed the instructions in this section "[Tutorial] How to configure your server", and I get the following error from CWP although it does not as I checked in the List Domains tab
Any ideas?

WARNING! Domain already exists on the server!

Re: Cannot add domain - It states that it exists!
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2018, 02:54:31 PM »
I found a solution but i do not know if its the correct one.
I created a user with the domain "". Then I created the domain "" successfully.
Is this a correct process?

Re: Cannot add domain - It states that it exists!
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2018, 05:44:11 PM »
tsouts well i was having the same problem but not anymore i need you to see this !
it might help you ;)
if you are putting in lively listing area services on a computer with the equal call as a site controller that previously existed in the area, it's far viable that metadata still stays.

you can use one of the following methods to get rid of the metadata:

clean up server metadata ::)

216498 how to take away statistics in lively directory after an unsuccessful area controller demotion

For first-class outcomes, put off the stale area controller metadata on a site controller in the identical domain and placement that the new area controller is becoming a member of, or the helper area controller exact within the lively listing installation Wizard or answer record.

If the lively directory set up Wizard maintains to fail with blunders the specified person already exists, assessment the %systemroot%debugDCPROMOUI.LOG to pick out the name of the helper area controller that the brand new area controller is attempting to apply.  ;)

sample output from DCPROMOUI.LOG: :)

dcpromoui          enter DS::JoinDomain                                                  ← search for this phase of the %systemrootpercentdebugdcpromoui.log
dcpromoui          input MassageUserName administrator
dcpromoui          contoso.comadministrator
dcpromoui          enter MyNetJoinDomain                     ← call of helper area controller
dcpromoui          Calling NetJoinDomain
dcpromoui          lpServer         : (null)
dcpromoui          lpDomain         :
dcpromoui          lpAccountOU      : (null)
dcpromoui          lpAccount        : contoso.comadministrator
dcpromoui          fJoinOptions : 0x27
dcpromoui          HRESULT = 0x80070524Error                ← 0x80070524 = 0x524 hex / 1316 decimal with symbolic mistakes ERROR_USER_EXISTS
dcpromoui          HRESULT = 0x80070524

verify that the helper area controller identified in Step 2 has inbound replicated the elimination of the conflicting area controller machine account and NTDS Settings items (metadata cleanup) executed in Step 1. If the area controller device account still exists, examine the viable reasons:

- Replication latency consisting of a website controller being numerous hops far from the domain controller originating the metadata cleanup.
- Inbound replication failure at the helper area controller.
- The helper area controller resides in a lag site that has been intentionally configured to inbound mirror changes in a delayed fashion.

For greater statistics about other root reasons for this mistake, click the subsequent article numbers to view the articles inside the Microsoft knowledge Base:

266633  "pc  is already in use" blunders message whilst you add consumer names in home windows 2000 or windows Server 2003
273875  error Message "lsass.exe-device mistakes" After walking the Dcpromo.exe software
938447  You cannot add a user call or an object name that simplest differs by means of a person with a diacritic mark