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Request and Problem
« on: February 27, 2018, 03:20:22 PM »

Request and Problem:

  • Being able to edit the DNS Zone of each domain, now when you give it to save it does nothing.
  • Adding https variable in the default nginx vhost, since currently when you use Nginx as a proxy with apache, the $_SERVER["HTTPS"] variable in php is not recognized. I have a lot of problems with wordpress and other websites that make use of this variable and redirect to https
  • As with DNS, you have one general file and another for each domain, to have it also for Nginx, since I can't find the way.
  • To be able to have a preview of the web, without having to use the domain to view the web. is the ip url + the directory.
  • Put a search in the side menu, just above where it says Navigation, with the always done that searches and filters through all the menu the word searched, this could be done only with javascript.
  • Add ip without having to access via terminal
  • Wordpress Installer
  • Php selector in the editing and creation of an Account, only for Pro.
  • Project in Github with  Open Collective
  • Webmail in subdomain by default
  • IPv6 support

About request 2, I must also add that with varnish cache and https redirection with htacces, it was impossible for me, I had to deactivate it and return only Nginx + apache, but then I also found the mentioned problem.
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Re: Request and Problem
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the themes don't work either.

Re: Request and Problem
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In addition to all this, it's a great panel, I hope you keep working to make it bigger.

Thank you