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Issues & Security Issues
« on: May 29, 2015, 07:09:52 PM »
Well there are some security issues which we have faced in this long run and provided patches to our clients.

1) Symlink attack: This is the worst threat online in shared environment where hacking a single site allowing hacker to hack whole server. We have provided patch to our customers fro it but may I know if your team will be interested in releasing an inbuilt solution?

2) Slowloris and httpd header attack: We can over come this situation by using third party software's but still attacking forces server to lock down login for users and then no one can login again. So enabling the software's both side can help this but again what if you can included something inbuilt.

3) CSF Firewall: Pre installing something binds you to atleast provide correct path of logs and all but some random default is used which is no way monitoring anything. Please see if you can rectify that in next release from your side. We need to manually change that to every server.

I will add few more little later.