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SSL with subdomains, wildcard problem
« on: March 09, 2017, 05:48:48 PM »
Hello community of CWP,

I am new user of this software. I am not so much experienced user, so do not judge me if i have silly question.

Problem that i have met useing at the moment this software was mainly as for installing SSL and specifically wildcard ssl with option of keep sub-domain on ssl.


my website is:
and my sub is:

I want both of them to be SSL secured, when i apply for SSL certification company of SSL request from me application in style like


So it can include all subdomain for ssl.

Problem comes when i am trying to create a request, i generate the codes over
Security > SSL Generator >

Common Name [Domain] : *
Country: Code of my country
State: State of my country
Locality Name [City] : My City
Organization Name: Organization of my company
Organization Unite Name: Same as previous
Email Address: my email of the domain
Valid Days: 365
Key size: i prefer the defaults 2048.

Sincei get the 2 codes, request and key.

I am going to

Apache Setting > SSL Cert Manager > Install SSL Certificate

Certificate: *
user: user of the domain
Path: Path of the website
Domain: [here is the tricky part] if i add it as "" it will take it without any problem
if i add * [it wont take it either but will crash my Apache.] and then i will need to fix all the problems that come with the "asterisc problem"

Still have not managed to do it proper, should i leave it without asterisk? or what ?