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Some Suggestions
« on: June 04, 2016, 01:14:45 PM »
A platform like this should have a number of improvements as it competes well with some paid panels.

It should be implemented the following things in my opinion:

Reseller System (It has been suggested).

Password Generator.

When writing any password the same appear automatically hidden.

Larger username and mysql username length.

Create more domains on same account (From what I noticed when creating a new domain, it will create a directory for the domain, then need to add other domain to the same user the system will not create another directory for the domain that want to create).

When creating a subdomain the system will automatically create the directory that subdomain (From what I saw when adding a new subdomain, need to type the name of the same in the field PATH).

Be able to change the login ports (2030, 2031).

Multi-server Support.

Protect Directories System

The platform needs to have a better design.

Fix this bug:
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