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Who agrees with me ?
« on: May 20, 2017, 06:42:57 AM »

Recently I got a tiny dedicated server and in search of a low cost / free panel I came to know about CWP. I installed it and after some problems (like in any other new panel you would face), its installed and working great. I am getting a good uptime. I really wanted a simple panel to sell shared hosting like CWP, but sadly cPanel (the leader) is more expensive than the server I have and it keeps on forcing to use CloudLinux which is another $10 and now they have started imposing KernelCare which is another $4-5.

Now this only means that its killing the small time hoster like me and corporates are getting big discounts from cpanel etc and they can more easily kill the competition. Anyways this is another story, the main thing in this is that cpanel is very expensive.

Now CWP is good but its not at a point where it can be used easily and professionally, like its very difficult to enable quotas, nobody helps about it, you have to buy the support package I guess for that but things like that should work out of the box (like in cpanel it does).

So i think its fair for CWP to charge about $10 per month per server and should really start building up a team of devs and make CWP better. Right now it feels incomplete and on several forums i have been told that its not safe to use.

So do you agree with me that CWP should start charging and hire more people to make it a better software than it is ?


Re: Who agrees with me ?
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Fils, sur quelle plančte habitez-vous?

Re: Who agrees with me ?
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it's not the good business model, CWPanel is free license, and you can't ask for subscription fee just for license because it's ... free license

if you want to pay for something, you can create a company or group, mutualise the money of other people (who want to pay something) and hire a technician or developer to do the job you need, that is the business model for free license...