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Virtual machine install with redirect issues
« on: November 20, 2022, 04:04:52 PM »
I have a few servers setup with just CWP installed and on a dedicated external ip for each.
I have to move one server and I have run out of server space on a few of the servers. So I thought why not install CWP as a VM and I can then move those accounts over to the VM version of CWP until the physical server is brought down and recommissioned.
So I'm running virtualisation (Proxmox 7) and have successfully installed a vm with Centos7 and CWP.
Because I have other dockers and vm's on that server I run Nginx Proxy Manager to deal with the incoming dns requests.
I think I've shot myself in the foot as if I allow NPM (Nginx Proxy Manager) to redirect external requests to the ip that CWP resides (the virtual machine) then I can't resolve requests within CWP like mail, ftp and so on as I guess Nginx within CWP isn't handling the proxies.
So I thought, why not forget NPM altogether but then any external request to CWP isn't forwarded on to CWP and you get nowhere.
Has anyone any idea how best to set up CWP independently to other resources so that dns requests can be handled by CWP?