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I have noticed a frequent issue with CWP whenever I migrate a website to my server. If I manually create the database and add all the permissions, I mean "ALL" permissions from CWP GUI, I noticed I still won't be able to access the website in question, unless I go back to the MySQL Manager, set the password again (even if it's the same password as before) and also save the permissions of the user again.

It's almost like the first time I create the database and set the password and permissions, it's not saved properly by CWP unless I repeat the process again, more like re-enforcing it. I do not know if it's a bug or I am doing it wrong. Any ideas why this is happening?

I have CWP Pro running on my KVM server. When I try to access CWP User using my IP Address or Hostname e.g., I get a 500 Internal Sever Error message.

But when I login to CWP Root e.g., and try to login as a user from User Accounts section, it even open using the hostname of the server. The only issue is the UI is distorted, like broken CSS.

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