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I can build it / Re: OpenVZ with CWP
« Last post by darkness on Today at 06:41:22 PM »
Here is the first screen shot from the user panel. Hope you will like it:

Probably from CWP they will want to kill me for something I did but ... I had to! I reversed it back to the same position.
If you want something to be changed/improved feel free to write your opinion and I will do my best to do it if it`s usable.
Installation / Using a Remote Mysql Cluster without Socat
« Last post by synxmax on Today at 06:15:18 PM »
Hi there,

Is it necessary to use socat for remote Mysql server ?
Can't I just change configs to connect using Mysql remote port?
We have a Proxysql loadbalancer , I can't install Socat on that!
If it's possible how many config files I have to change, Is there a global variable ( Mysql host, Port, Host )?

Thanks in advance
DNS Manager / Re: forgot password
« Last post by alexdx on Today at 05:59:05 PM »
any help with this? i have my domain down because we cant change the ip on the dns. cant go another DNS service because you have my domain kidnap. any help before i ditch CWP ? why should i pay for support when your system is not working properly? been trying to reset the password and the email is not getting to my inbox.
E-Mail / Re: Not receiving bounce back emails on inbox
« Last post by studio4host on Today at 03:50:30 PM »
try checking in the email log what kind of error you get
Postfix / Re: Second SMTP port
« Last post by studio4host on Today at 03:36:26 PM »
idea of rebuild of the configuration is to get all default settings so that how this needs to be done.
Since you need different custom configuration after rebuild the you need to make custom script which you can execute after rebuild or do it manually.

Why would you even need to rebuild configuration after your changes if all works.
Informations / Re: quota in CWP
« Last post by studio4host on Today at 03:33:41 PM »
I know that soon there will be released new cwp version which will also have different quota calculation.
Informations / Re: quota in CWP
« Last post by become on Today at 03:17:49 PM »
I have a idea how to calculate real used quota. I contacted CWP but have no response
Postfix / Second SMTP port
« Last post by become on Today at 02:58:02 PM »

I want to configure postifx to use 2525 as second SMTP port.
I added in line

smtp      inet  n       -       n       -       -       smtpd
2525      inet  n       -       n       -       -       smtpd
  -o content_filter=smtp-amavis:
  -o receive_override_options=no_address_mappings

Problem is that every rebuild postfix configuration line
2525      inet  n       -       n       -       -       smtpd

is removed.

How can set up it permanently ?
Is ./usr/libexec/postfix/ file
is used for rebuild ??
FTP / Re: not FTP
« Last post by 6Sense on Today at 11:23:33 AM »
lol  :P
E-Mail / Not receiving bounce back emails on inbox
« Last post by armando on Today at 11:05:33 AM »
Hello, I have been testing and i have try to send email to some nonexisting emails and i am facing with a problem. Bonce Back emails are not coming to my inbox, but when i check at CWP Mail Queue
 i can see the bounce back error. How to make it "to receive it on email inbox". Is that any option that needed to change?
As you may i understand i want to use it to clean a email list from bounces!
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