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Get in touch with paid support
« on: May 11, 2018, 05:38:45 AM »
I have paid for support and am unable to submit a ticket.  I have sent emails but haven't seen a response.   I need help with this control panel and when I click on support ticket link on your website now it takes me to purchase support again.   I already have a subscription.   My PayPal email is separate from my email associated with this account.   Is that the problem here?

Please help.


Re: Get in touch with paid support
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Re: Get in touch with paid support
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I just found after two days coming back because my busy schedule and inability to find the link the first time apparently.   

I would add that the link centered at the top of the page that says SUPPORT should take the end user to "support" here:

Instead your website takes you to buy support.

One would think you need a link next to "support" that says "store" Hope this helps! ;)

Also the button on the control panel that says "support" again takes the end user to a store to buy a subscription.  Just a suggestion but from my interpretation  on where it needs to take the end user is 

Any Paid Support account should have an icon for clients want fast access their support from with in the CWP control panel
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