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CentOS-WebPanel Bugs / Re: Default page changed to index.html on all sites!
« on: December 23, 2019, 07:30:22 AM »
Hi, @ring_c
Try to update CWP. This bug was fixed long time ago.
CWP is being updated automatically.
Anyway, I've fixed it manually, but I wanted to know this was root fixed and won't happen again for new sites which might not have the manual fix applied.

CentOS-WebPanel Bugs / Re: Default page changed to index.html on all sites!
« on: December 16, 2019, 01:54:28 PM »
what is your issue - i can help you out, buddy
Read the thread...

CentOS-WebPanel Bugs / Re: Default page changed to index.html on all sites!
« on: December 16, 2019, 12:17:46 PM »
I must say I'm very frustrated from the "no answers" mod of CWP's developers!

CentOS-WebPanel Bugs / Re: Default page changed to index.html on all sites!
« on: November 25, 2019, 07:58:17 AM »
Why don't we get answers from CWP's owners?

CentOS-WebPanel Bugs / Re: Default page changed to index.html on all sites!
« on: November 22, 2019, 09:36:23 AM »
Fixed by add this line on top of your .htaccess :

Code: [Select]
DirectoryIndex index.php
Thanks. I had to go over 30 sites now to change this.
But the weird thing is that not all sites had this line in their htaccess, and yet some were working properly.

Any why on earth do we get this error second day in a row?!

I don't think it has anything to do with the DNS server.
I had the same issue today.
Here's how I've fixed it:!/

CentOS-WebPanel Bugs / Default page changed to index.html on all sites!
« on: November 21, 2019, 10:16:20 AM »
CWP falks, I assume you've made some kind of update that caused all my wordpres' hosted sites to show CWP's default index.html instead of using index.php to load wordpress.

I've fixed it by moving index.php before index.html in httpd.conf.

I don't really know how it was configured before, but I guess you've changed the httpd.conf with a wrong order of index pages.
BUT! I can I make sure this won't happen again in the future? Please advise what was the change you've made to the panel.

By the way, I didn't access the panel for at least a week, so it's not something I did.
I wonder if others had the same issue...

Well, I think I've nailed this one. I've found I have 2 expired domains still hosted on my CWP and I believe that error is caused when the SSL cron job is looking for domains that needs to renew their SSLs, while these 2 are not valid anymore, hence it fails.
I've removed the auto SSL tick from both domains and didn't get the error tonight.
Let's hope I'm right...


CentOS-WebPanel Bugs / Re: Anacron errors in daily email
« on: October 23, 2019, 11:21:40 AM »
Whoops that's a bit embarrassing...I guess one could suggest you get what you pay for. You paid peanuts right?
I paid what I was asked for to use the PRO version of CWP.
What do you try to imply?

CentOS-WebPanel Bugs / Anacron errors in daily email
« on: October 23, 2019, 06:14:25 AM »

Are you aware of this?

Code: [Select]

Update Server Packages
Redirecting to /bin/systemctl restart cwpsrv.service
Redirecting to /bin/systemctl restart httpd.service
curl: (6) Could not resolve host:; Unknown error
--2019-10-22 03:10:15--
Resolving ( failed: Name or service not known.
wget: unable to resolve host address ‘’
unzip:  cannot find or open, or
mv: cannot stat ‘phpMyAdmin--all-languages’: No such file or directory
chown: cannot access ‘pma’: No such file or directory
mv: cannot stat ‘/usr/local/cwpsrv/var/services/pma/’: No such file or directory
tr: write error: Broken pipe
tr: write error
sed: can't read /usr/local/cwpsrv/var/services/pma/ No such file or directory
cat: /usr/local/cwpsrv/var/services/pma/README: No such file or directory



I'm receiving an error from cron daemon (received daily by email the last since last update) as follows:

(Cron Daemon)

Cron <root@cwp> /usr/local/cwp/php71/bin/php /usr/local/cwpsrv/htdocs/resources/admin/include/cron_autossl_renew_all_domains.php


PHP Notice:  Undefined index: domain in /usr/local/cwpsrv/htdocs/resources/admin/include/cron_autossl_renew_all_domains.php on line 0
PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: autoSslResult in /usr/local/cwpsrv/htdocs/resources/admin/include/cron_autossl_renew_all_domains.php on line 0

CWP version:

Looking into the file mentioned, it looks like this (I have no idea if this is how it should be) [I didn't include the whole encoded text as it's long]:

Code: [Select]
<?php //00423
// Copyright CentOS WebPanel, Decoding is FORBIDDEN
// All Rights Reserved.
if(!extension_loaded('ionCube Loader')){$__oc=strtolower(substr(php_uname(),0,3));$__ln='ioncube_loader_'.$__oc.'_'.substr(phpversion(),0,3).(($__oc=='win')?'.dll':'.so');if(function_exists('dl')){@dl($__ln);}if(function_exists('_il_exec')){return _il_exec();}$__ln='/ioncube/'.$__ln;$__oid=$__id=realpath(ini_get('extension_dir'));$__here=dirname(__FILE__);if(strlen($__id)>1&&$__id[1]==':'){$__id=str_replace('\\','/',substr($__id,2));$__here=str_replace('\\','/',substr($__here,2));}$__rd=str_repeat('/..',substr_count($__id,'/')).$__here.'/';$__i=strlen($__rd);while($__i--){if($__rd[$__i]=='/'){$__lp=substr($__rd,0,$__i).$__ln;if(file_exists($__oid.$__lp)){$__ln=$__lp;break;}}}if(function_exists('dl')){@dl($__ln);}}else{die('The file '.__FILE__." is corrupted.\n");}if(function_exists('_il_exec')){return _il_exec();}echo('No Loader is installed, please try to run this command or contact support: sh /scripts/update_ioncube');exit(199);


Nginx / Re: Old version of Nginx?
« on: September 26, 2019, 07:56:40 PM »
After reaching out to the support, where they wanted me to pay for technician support time (so why do I pay for the PRO version?), I've decided to do that myself. So I came back here to write it for others who might want to update their nginx as well.
Actually, all I needed to do is edit /etc/yum.repos.d/nginx.repo and changing it to read like this:

Code: [Select]
name=nginx repo

Note that the only change is changing "enabled=0" (in the original file) to "enabled=1".
Then run "yum update nginx".
You can tryp "nginx -v" to make sure the version was indeed updated.
Then restart nginx (can be done from CWP's dashboard) and you're done.

Nginx / Re: Old version of Nginx?
« on: September 26, 2019, 05:53:39 AM »

CentOS 7 Problems / Re: Logrotate for access_log and modsec_audit.log
« on: September 25, 2019, 08:29:42 AM »
Thank you for the below, but I have one correction and one question:

Code: [Select]
/usr/local/apache/logs/*log{ should be this
Code: [Select]
/usr/local/apache/logs/*log {(space before the { sign).

Why isn't it pre-configured in CWP? I've found my access_log is already 2GB of size!


Try to add as the one config and check.

        rotate 15
                service httpd restart > /dev/null

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